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Fortnite: Chapter 2 of Season 2 is the mepholist's new Battle Pass and Deadpool

It's no good that Fortnite fans are getting bored, given the many more or less revolutionary updates that the popular Battle Royale of Epic Games constantly receives. Today has arrived the new update that introduces Chapter 2 of Season 2,entitled Top Secret and spy-themed.

The update introduces two factions of undercover agents, the Ghosts and Shadows,who have taken over the island, where exotic new locations and shelters protected by secret passages, automatic turrets and security cameras have also appeared. On the game map we also find new timed operations that will see us take out the henchmen, defeat the boss and get so powerful weapons, while players can use new gadgets such as E.S.C.A. Grenades, proximity mines and disguises.

The update is accompanied, as usual, by a new Battle Pass that introduces new secret agent costumes for the two factions, weekly challenges, mission, V-Bucks and accessories. The Battle Pass also introduces a welcome new collaboration with Marvel: the Deadpool costume,which can be achieved by completing a series of weekly missions that you can unlock by accessing the famous superhero's secret room. How to do it? Just click on the ventilation grate in the new Season menu, but it will only work for Battle Pass holders.

Now we'll leave you to the trailer for the new update and the Battle Pass trailer: good viewing!

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