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BioWare prepares to reinvent Anthem, stop new content

Since it was launched a year ago, on February 22, 2019, BioWare Anthem's multiplayer action game has certainly not had an easy life: a launch plagued by bugs and connection issues has been followed by player complaints for a title without sufficient content and motivation to progress in the career of Specialists, driving its own Strali.

However, the BioWare team did not give up and progressively improved the gaming experience, adding new content over the course of three different seasons; now, however, it seems the time has come to make a more decisive leap, a real revolution.

This is what General Manager Casey Hudsonexplains, explaining in a blog post on the studio that, after the work of fixing and adding content done so far on the game, it's time to think about a real re-invection of the game,rethinking it from the ground up to provide more satisfying gameplay for everyone.

Hudson writes:"We admit that there is still structural work to be done to bring out the true potential of the experience, and this will require more a substantial reinvention than an upgrade or expansion. Over the next few months we will focus on a long-term redesign of the experience,working specifically to reinvent the basic loop gameplay with clear goals, motivating challenges and a progression with significant rewards – all while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a vast sci-fi setting. And to do it the right way we'll do something we would have liked to do more the first time: give a well-focused team time to test and iterate, focusing primarily on gameplay."

The BioWare team therefore seems serious about upsetting and questioning all the choices made in the game, to recreate it as a more satisfying and fun experience. It looks like a titanic feat,and we don't know how long it will take: in the meantime the new consoles will arrive and therefore the game will also require an update in terms of graphics and engine. It cannot be ruled out that it may take years to see the fruit of these efforts.

In the meantime, the game will not be abandoned but will cease the creation of new content: the team will continue to engage fans with events and updates to the store, but the various content produced so far for the different seasons of the game will be repurposed.

In the meantime to find out the fate of the game, we wish the guys at BioWare a good job!