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New info about Resident Evil 3; Carlos will be playable, Nemesis smarter

Capcom had already anticipated that Resident Evil 3,the remake of the third Biohazard originally released in 1999, would be more detached by history and mechanics from the original title; Today, thanks to an article in PlayStation Magazine UK, we have the first details about these differences.

First we find out that, in addition to Jill Valentine, in the title we will also be able to control Carlos Oliveira,although it is not clear at the moment in which parts of the game and for how long. The terrifying Nemesis will also change in behaviors,which this time will be smarter and based on Mr. X/Tyrant's IA than the new Resident Evil 2.

Among other innovations we will also find a greater exploratory of Raccoon City, not total as in an open world title but there will be numerous areas freely explored with the possibility of entering the shops, the Stagla gas station, the offices of the local newspaper and even the hospital.

Finally, we learn that there will no longer be the mechanism of action choices,which could give different outcomes in times of extreme danger, just as there will be no multiple endings:the team will create a unique ending that will be the official one of the game.

We remind you that Resident Evil 3 is expected on April 3; Stay tuned for more information!