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Warner Bros. hints at a new Batman

Rumours have been circulating for several months about the production of a new Batman,made not by the original authors of the Rocksteady series but by WB Games Montreal,already the authors of Arkham Origins; Today these rumours take on more solidity thanks to two posts made by Warner on Twitter and Facebook,showing the two parts of a symbol.

Once assembled, the images of the two posts form the image you see at the top, a kind of coat of arms that closely resembles that of Gotham City Police, and the images are accompanied by the phrase "Capture the Knight", which probably alludes to the fact that, in the new game, Batman will be wanted by the Police itself.

Previous rumours alluded to the fact that the game would follow the Owls' Courtstory cycle, which saw the itether city of Gotham, and Batman himself, under siege from a dangerous secret society and criminal association. Let's hope Warner reveals the new title soon, so we can finally find out more!