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Two Point Hospital arrives on February 25 on our consoles and shows itself in a new trailer

SEGA today announced that Two Point Studios' new "health care" management, Two Point Hospital,will finally arrive in console version on February 25 and will be included at the launch of the Xbox Game Pass;the game will allow us to build our health empire by customizing our hospital, researching treatments for unusual diseases (as many as 119), administering therapies to patients and managing staff.

The console version of Two Point Hospital will include the first two PC expansions, "Bigfoot" and "Pebberley Island", which offer players a total of 21 regions to explore. The title will also show off a completely redesigned control system for the pad to ensure a smooth, playable experience for home consoles.

The announcement is accompanied by a trailer that shows us numerous game situations: here it is.

MX Video - Two Point Hospital