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Spencer: focus on RPGs, new Force and new controller for Project Scarlett

Statements about the future of Xbox by division head Phil Spencer, released to the press at the X019, continue. Among his most interesting comments are that the new Project Scarlett console will be equipped with a " new and innovativecontroller" currently under development.

Spencer confirmed to Japanese magazine Game Watch that the new console will be compatible with all Xbox One controllers, including the two editions of Elite, but that it will still come with a new controller whose features are still unknown.

Also at the Japanese magazine, the head of Microsoft's Gaming division explained that he can't reveal anything about a new Force but that Turn10, which he considers the best racing game developer out there, is currently working on a project. In this regard, Spencer explained that an announcement will come in a few months.

Finally speaking to the Xbox On YouTube channel, Spencer explained that a big focus for Microsoft in the future will be in the development of RPG: the manager explained that Microsoft in the past has distinguished itself in this field with titles such as Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Fable, and now wants to return to doing more in this field.

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