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Nexon announces F2P kart racer KartRider: Drift, closed beta soon

During the X019's Inside Xbox, a very special title was also announced: KartRider: Drift is the latest incarnation of the KartRider PC kart racer of KoreanNexon, which has been extremely popular in Asian markets for many years, reaching 300 million players, but with little success in the West. Now the Korean studio is trying again by offering us this free-2-play title that will arrive exclusively on Xbox One.

As you can see from the announcement trailer and the first images, the game is very much based on titles like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing,but with a focus on the game more tactical and technical. One thing that also surprised us while we were at the X019 in London is that this was the game whose demo seats had the longest lines: however popular titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Grounded didn't have the same amount of people waiting, a sign that it's a very attractive genre for gamers.

The game will also be trialable shortly in the Closed Beta,which will take place from 5 to 8 December; you can subscribe from this page to try to be selected.

Now we leave you to the announcement trailer and a set of images: good viewing!

MX Video - KartRider: Drift