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Superheroes arrive in CoD: Black Ops 4 with Operation Dark Divide

Here's what's definitely an unexpected twist in the world of Black Ops:Treyarch and Activision have announced the release, on Xbox from September 30, of Duty: Black Ops 4 by Operation Dark Divide , a new timed event that sees you arrive in the world of the game... powerful superheroes!

The developers explain that this event will see us decide the fate of the universe of Black Ops 4,marking the beginning of a split in the Specialists, pitting heroes against villains and positioning themselves as the culmination of the Aether storyline of the Zombie mode.

All this will take place in the huge Blackoutmap, with the arrival of heavy metal heroes timed mode that will provide us with new equipment, new weapons and a powerful tank, and where vehicular combat will take hold.

All these new features are shown to us in the following trailer: good viewing!

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