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A trailer dedicated to the story of The Surge 2

Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 have released a new trailer for The Surge 2, the souls-like sci-fi sequel to the first title released two years ago, dedicated to the history of the game.

Here is the description of the game released by the developer:

In The Surge 2, life on earth as we know it will come to an end. The new hardcore action-RPG chapter of Deck13 begins immediately after the bombing of "deFrag Nanovirus", following the launch of a "Utopia" rocket. In Jericho City,a lone warrior – controlled by you – will have to overcome the underworld, high waters and his own amnesia to discover the truth about the virus, the city and all the rest.

Here you will meet the hero of the story and the many inhabitants of Jericho City. The Nano-Cultists have invaded the streets, racking up everything they can find, for purposes still unknown. Government forces are trying to maintain control over the city with violence. Meanwhile, Athena,a little girl with whom you have a special connection, leads you through the city streets, to an unknown destination.

All this mystery accompanies the gameplay, which refines and improves the already solid formula of the first chapter, introducing new weapons, new gadgets, an improved distance combat system, additional installations and much more. Dismemberment and the ability to target limbs are still the mechanics behind the game and as in the past they will allow you to fight and loot weapons and armor to equip yourself, but now with many more options.

We leave you to the trailer, complete with Italian subtitles, reminding you that The Surge 2 is expected on Xbox One PlayStation 4 on September 24:good viewing!

MX Video - The Surge 2