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Apex Legends arrives in stores on October 18

While the Voidwalkerevent is still in full swing, EA and Respawn continue to work to keep Apex Legends on the crest of the wave by announcing the release of a double retail version of the title on October 18th.

The "physical" version of Apex Legends will be available in two different editions, dedicated to the two legends Lifeline and Bloodhound,available at the list price of 19.99 USD each.

Included in the purchase price of the package we will find 1000 Apex coins,enough for example to unlock the Battle Pass for a season, in addition to a number of exclusive cosmetic content:

  • A legendary skin for the character
  • A legendary weapon skin for a weapon
  • An exclusive banner
  • An exclusive badge

The character skin will transform your Lifeline into a kind of guardian angel, with wide white wings and golden finishes, and it will be the Flatline rifle that receives a legendary themed skin. The Bloodhoud edition, on the other hand, will provide this Legend with a decidedly more "demonic" look, dominated by the red tint, along with a skin for his Prowler.

Despite the release of these editions for the retail I market, Apex Legends will of course remain a free-to-play title. However, one can imagine that there will be many passionate collectors tempted by the purchase of these new editions: what do you think? You'll buy one... or even both?