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Vacuum Spectrum is the active-time event in Apex Legends until September 17

From September 3 to 17, Apex Legends players can try their hand at the content introduced by "Vacuum Spectrum", wraith's new timed event. With new challenges, dedicated skins, a secret underground lab and a new game mode, it's a must-see event for fans of the Respawn home battle royale.

Despite some declining public attention, Apex Legends remains a successful title and Respawn continues to support its free-to-play with new content.
In this first half of September, players are involved in "Blank Spectrum", an event that first proposes the addition to the game map of a mysterious research lab, located near the Canyon of the Kings. In the lab, in addition to significant clues to Wraith's mysterious past, Legends will find a prototype portal, which can be used to speed up or restart the launch phase.

Another significant addition to gameplay is the " Armedand Dangerous" mode, in which all participants will be equipped with a shotgun and move into a significantly poorer playing field.

The rest of the new features consist of cosmetic elements: the highlight is the new skin for Wraith, the central character of this event, but there are numerous other skins for characters and weapons temporarily available, both for purchase and as completion of new dedicated challenges.

We'll leave you to the event presentation trailer, have a good look!

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