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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: new Beta info and a "fairytale" trailer

As you may know, from September 5th to 9th the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta is expected reserved for those who have booked the game digitally and at participating stores, or the lucky ones who will be extracted from those who have registered on the special page; Ubisoft has now released more information about this upcoming testing period, including preload times.

First, the French house explains that all those who participated in the previous Network Test periods will automatically be included in the Beta, revealing that for us Europeans the preload will start on September 2 at 12:00 (at 00:00 for those who digitally), while the exact times of the Beta are from 12:00 on September 5 th to 12:00 on the9th.

As for the Beta content, Ubisoft explains that we will have access to different regions and missions to test the PvE in co-op up to 4 players or solo:


You will have access to these four regions:

  • Smuggler Coves

  • Mount Hodgson, Unbeof

  • Sinking Country, Inl.

  • Fen Bog, Sn.


  • Operation Greenstone: Two missions from the main story.

  • AuroaMissions: Secondary Missions to learn more about the island and its inhabitants.

  • FactionMissions: Eight new faction missions per day.


Do you want to put your skills to the test? In the available regions you will find three different types of drone areas to take on some of the toughest opponents.

  • Murmur: Small flying drones that will attack in swarms the least prepared.

  • Aamon: Medium-sized, powerful and agile land-based drones.

  • Behemoth: Large drones with huge firepower and heavily armored.

Ubisoft also informs us that the Beta is not NDA-protected,so we can stream gameplay, share videos and screenshots, and talk about it publicly.

Finally, the studio has released a new trailer for the game that introduces us to the fight between Ghost and Wolves... from a decidedly original point of view! Find out for yourself in the following video.

MX Video - Ghost Recon Breakpoint