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Matt Booty: Microsoft wants to turn The Outer Worlds into a great franchise

The interesting sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds will be the first title released by Obsidian Entertainment since the Californian studio was acquired by Microsoft, and although due to previous agreements the game will be published on multiple platforms from Private Division, it seems that it is preparing to become an important IP for Xbox GameStudios.

During an interview with the US magazine Game Informer, in fact, the head of Xbox studios Matt Booty explained, confirming among other things that there are currently numerous games not yet announced in development among the various studios of the house of Redmond, who sees The Outer Worlds as a great opportunity to build a great franchise that can also embrace different media.

Booty compared the Obsidian franchise to the Haloseries, explaining that he hopes that the software house will be able, after the launch of the game, to turn it into an IP capable of embracing novels, comics and television, and obviously releasing a series of sequels that would, in all likelihood, be exclusive to Xbox.

So far The Outer Worlds has proven to be a very interesting title despite being developed with the relatively limited resources of Private Division (which, we remember, is a Take-Two Interactive label dedicated to independent productions); With Microsoft's resources, however, it could become a series that can rival the big sci-fi RPG sagas like Fallout and Mass Effect. Are they going to make it? We hope so!