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Elite Controller Series 2: Shift revealed

After thee3announcement, many players are now looking to November 4 to get their hands on the brand new Elite Series 2; Today, Xbox Product Manager James Shields reveals on Twitter another useful device customization option.

This is the "Shift" function: we can map any of the lower keys/pulls or sticks of the controller as if it were the shift key of a keyboard, which once pressed will equip all the other buttons of an alternative function, also mapable.

For example, you could map one of the lower sticks as Shift, after which holding it would work as an RB key, the X key as LB, and so on. If you need to map multiple features to the same key in some game, this feature will help you build it and may be useful in titles with more complex control systems.

Please note that the Elite Series 2 Controller is already pre-orderable on the Microsoft Store for 179.99 euros.