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Bloober Team shows us the gameplay of Blair Witch

During the Xbox conference at E3, Bloober Team, Creators of Layers of Fear and > Observer, announced the new Blair Witch adventure Horror narrative inspired by the cult film series Blair Witch, and coming up on Xbox One on August 30. Today we are offered a video of just over 12 minutes in which we can admire the gloomy settings and some dynamics of gameplay.

Blair Witch is set in 1996 and the player will play the Role of Ellis, a former policeman from the troubled past, who joins in search of a missing boy In the forest of Black Hills, near Burkittsville, in Maryland. What begins as a normal police investigation then turns into a never-ending nightmare in which we will face both a series of nightmares and the threat of the BlairWitch, a dark and mysterious force that haunts the place.

We leave you now to the video: Good vision!

MX Video - Blair Witch