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State of Decay 2: announced the Heartland DLC, already available in the Game Pass

During the Microsoft E3 Conference last Night, Undead LabS announced with a trailer a New DLC called heartland, First update of the content of State of Decay 2 based on the story, already available to download Free forXbox Game Pass holders or affordable for all others for the price of 9.99 euros.

In Heartland We will return and explore The new Valley map of Trumbull, the place presented in The original game of State of Decay, where people and familiar places will meet to find out how much they have changed since the outbreak Of the epidemic and we will fight against new plague-infected abominators (including Tumefatti, Screechers, Savages, and Colossi).

Below is the developer's description:

In Heartland You can take the role of a couple of survivors between the two available, each of which has Reached the Valley of Trumbull for different reasons.

In the story "The Last of the Wilkersons", a young woman travels To the Valley of Trumbull in the company of her loving but austere aunt in search of her father, with whom she has now lost all intercourse. Since he does not prove himself at all collimating with his expectations will have to reckon with his own identity and find the strength to face the great danger of the plague of blood, which is spreading as wildfire in the valley.

In the story "in Search of Santos", a middle-aged ex-convict will have to pair with an idealistic young policeman to investigate a dangerous affair in the Trumbull Valley, from which a voice is no longer being held. The two will have to learn to cooperate before the dangerous plague of blood infests the entire valley.

Regardless of the story you decide to explore, you will discover what has happened in the Trumbull Valley since the inhabitants of the region fled during The first State of Decay. You will also get answers to the questions that have plagued the survivors (and the players) since the early days of the Apocalypse.

The new DLC also adds as many as 27 new targets for a total of 500 points obtainable. Below is the announcement trailer that presents Heartland : Good vision!

MX Video - State of Decay 2