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Xbox Italia becomes the official Facebook group of MondoXbox: It is the Union of two Worlds

If you are a regular visitor to Facebook, now you have an more place where you can feel at home as here on mondoxbox: The group xbox Italy, the first Xbox Italian community on the famous social network, in fact becomes the official group today of our site. Here you will find in exclusive our news, but also many other fans with whom to chat, share your gaming experiences and comment on all the news of the Xbox world.

Xbox Italia was founded in 2015 with the intention of creating the Facebook community of reference for Italian Xbox fans, and thanks to the commitment of the founder Emanuele Cattaneo and the many admin has seen in recent years an exceptional growth, reaching the threshold of 20,000 members. Mondoxbox has decided to ally with this group not only to make a path of growth together, but especially because we found in Xbox Italy A healthy environment, cultivated with passion and carried forward by many good guys, Quality not always discounted on social networks.

For now we invite you to subscribe to the group if you are not a member: you will find it frequented by different members of our staff (subscribed included) and many other enthusiasts with whom you can comment on all the news, and soon They will arrive at avalanches! Once past Cyclone E3, then, we will start organizing some events in partnership between the two communities to get involved and make you more pleasant to visit both worlds!

Obviously those of you who are more "old school" and prefer the good old web to new social networks will always find a cozy home here between our pages, in the comments and in the forum, but those who prefer a "multichannel" experience now knows To be able to find a continuity between our community and the world of Facebook. Good navigation with MondoXbox and xbox Italia!