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Rumor control: The "leak" on Xbox E3 is fake

For about a week he's been touring the Web an alleged list of ads that Microsoft will do during the Xbox conference at E3. As you may have noticed, MondoXbox did not publish it because we thought it was completely credit-free, and now we also have confirmation of this from a well-accredited journalist.

The list has been published on the site NeoGAF (now without trust since all the most important members and prominent insiders have moved on Resetera) by a Mr None, a member of the forum who has not to his credit any important leak and that does not is recognized as insider in any context. The user has posted a list of ads that Microsoft will do at E3 by impersonating them for their own information, but anyone who has followed the Xbox scene in recent months knows that it is simply a collection of rumor and pure speculation made by other insiders, gathered Mainly from the ReseteraForum.

This is why we did not want to give credit to this alleged "leak", and now comes also the confirmation of the famous British journalist Jez Corden, already author of many leaks, this time true, in the past. In response to a user who asked him what he thought of this list, Corden responded on Twitter:

"That leak" is just a guess, I know there's a lot more coming up and it's not in that leak, which makes it fake."

It is also puzzling how many sites have given credit to this list in recent days, without asking questions about the credibility of the author, demonstrating how to date anyone could pretend to be an "insider" simply by regurgiting information Already present on the Internet.

Obviously this does not mean that many of the things on that list will not come true, because taken from other rumors already circulating for a long time: we know for example that Microsoft will reveal in some way the new line of consoles, as we know for Of course they will be shown again Halo Infinite and Gears 5, and so on. But now there are just over two weeks at the Xbox conference, scheduled for June 9 at 22:00, and then we will have the pleasure of discovering in person all the ads!