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The reboot of Samurai Shodown arrives on June 25

The return on consoles of the next generation of the famous fighting game 2.5 D Samurai Shodown is scheduled for June 25. This is announced by the developer SNK, who also revealed that all those who will preorder the game can redeem the Season Pass for free within the first week of the release.

Within the Season Pass 4 additional playable characters will be contained. Again according to the announcement, this Pass will cover the first 6 months of content from the date of launch of DLC, thus allowing to assume that later are already programmed additional additions.

In Samurai Shodown We can engage in a Story Mode set before the original game of 1993 and we can use all the characters of the roster. In addition to this mode there will be a Training Mode, the Online Play and, big news, the Dojo Mode. In the latter mode the game will create an online "ghost" based on the style of play adopted by each player in offline mode, and we can face both our ghost in search of any weaknesses, that confront those of other players.

We leave you now to the last trailer released: Good vision!

MX Video - Samurai Shodown