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Rumor: From Software is already working on a new game, will be presented at the next E3

Every year with the approaching of theE3, the famous annual videogame fair that takes Place in Los Angeles, multiply the rumor and rumors regarding possible titles that will be announced. One of these is circulating in the last hours and is about a new game by from Software, veterans from the recent success for The Appreciated Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

According to the indiscretions reported by a known forum insider ResetEra called omnipotent, formerly author of many leaks related to titles from Software (it was he who anticipated that Sekiro would have an "unusual" publisher and in What events would be shown) The Japanese study would already be working on a new title that will present during the Next E3; According to the insider will be an open-world and cross-platformtitle, which therefore excludes a priori any exclusive franchise of the different manufacturers.

Not only that: The insider explains that the new game will be an action-RPG type "dark fantasy", and will be "even more exhilarating for the veterans of Souls-like titles."

We invite you as always to take the reported with the necessary precautions and to know more we just have to wait for theE3: Keep following us!