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Sea of Thieves: The Shores of Gold campaign in a spectacular trailer

There are really few days left for the release of theAnniversary update of Sea of Thieves, the mega-awaited update by fans of the Rare title. The update arriving on April 30 promises to bring with it many exciting innovations, such as new features (hunting, fishing, cooking, etc...), a new competitive mode called the Arena and a series of adventures from the soul Narrative called Tall Tales.

This last element is shown in the video just released by Rare, in which we are presented the first of these campaigns Called "Shores of Gold".

From the trailer we can see many of the elements that will compose the campaign, such as puzzles, dungeons and even bosses. To embark on this adventure, alone or in the company of our crew, we will have to wait until April 30, date of release of theAnniversary Update. To deceive the waiting, we invite you to enjoy the new trailer: Good vision!

MX Video - Sea of Thieves