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Hitman 2: New Elusive Target and other content coming in April

IO Interactive has communicated its support roadmap to Hitman 2, revealing a month full of new content and initiatives aimed at the players ' community .

In The foreground we find undoubtedly the arrival of a new Elusive target, Cardinal Adalrico Candelaria: Strong candidate to become The next pope, the high prelate conceals however a past linked to the Chilean Dictatorship Of Pinochet not exactly Under the banner of Innocence. "The Prince", this is the nickname of the Target, came to Wisdom yesterday and the players have 10 days to put in place the only assassination attempt to them allowed.

As It was said, the initiatives of IO Interactive are not limited to this.

Another Interesting news is the arrival at the end of the month of a new location, Santa Fortuna, in Ghost Mode, ie in the innovative PvP mode (or better, 1v1) introduced by Hitman 2. To celebrate this novelty worthily, also the theme assigned to the community to draw their contracts remains in the topic and is dedicated To "Ghost Busters": If you are willing to submit your contract you have to hurry, you have time until 15 of the month.

Finally, for April 25 is expected the arrival of "The Nolan Disinfection", a new contract For the Escalation mode . Set in the tranquil suburb of Whittleton Creek, this contract will require aspiring killers to engage in poisoning, giving way to obstacles of increasing difficulty, as typical of the mode.

We leave you to the trailer for the presentation of The New elusive target, good vision!

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