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Operencia: The Stolen Sun is now available, also in the Game Pass; Launch trailer

Zen Studios released the launch trailer for the first-Person RPG Operencia: The Stolen Sun and reminds us that the title is Available from today on the Games Store for the price Of 29.99 euros and is included in the Game Pass . Operencia: The Stolen Sun includes everything you love about the classic dungeon crawlers first hand, improving the experience OF the old school RPGs that combines with the inspiration from Mitteleuropean mythology, and offering A unique, but also familiar, role playing experience.

These are the main features reported by the developer:

  • The Story Meets The legend: Operencia: The Stolen Sun hosts an intriguing mix of unexplored mythology, fantastic versions of real historical sites (E.g. The Deva Fortress and Balvanyos) and characters ( e.g. Attila and the Seven Leaders of the Magarias) who, all together, form a new universe of uniform play. Many of the seven main characters of the game are inspired by heroes of forgotten stories told hundreds of years ago, like the Brave Knight Mezey and Sebastian the slayer.
  • An Epochal Tale: An unknown force has Kidnapped The Sun King napkiraly, leaving Operencia in a state of perpetual darkness and eventual misfortune. From hidden royal tombs and cursed castles to a steep climb on thetree of The World, and then Reach The copper Forest in The Land of the Dei; Explore the different locations throughout the territory... and go further. Each location boasts a unique atmosphere, a charming visual style, a fun level design and intricate puzzles, many of which take place entirely outdoors.
  • Fantastic Presentation: Breathtaking hand-drawn footage and fabulous Portraits Of 2d characters give life to the story in a style not easily comparable to any other game. More than 30 characters rich in nuances are valued through high-level vocal performances that refer to the central European roots of the game.
  • Puzzles everywhere: from intricate puzzles to selecting the right ingredients to create new objects; Dozens of puzzles defy your cunning throughout Operencia.
  • Classic Gameplay And exploration: together with a profoundly strategic turn-based battle system, full of spells and special abilities to perform, tile-driven movement encourages thorough exploration of each area. For more challenges, turn on the Cartographer mode and track each of the 13 mapsalone. How Many secrets will you find?

We Leave you now at the trailer: Good vision!

MX Video - Operencia: The Stolen Sun