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The survival adventure Fade to Silence arrives in late April, new images

THQ Nordic announced today that the survival adventure of Black Forest Games Fade to Silence will arrive on April 30, at a price of 49.99 euros; Such an amount makes us realise that the ambitions of this title set in the snows are certainly high.

We remind you that, in the role of the protagonist Ash, this title will immerse us in snow-covered location (with a dynamic snow system that accumulates over time) in which, in addition to fighting against a rigid and lethal nature, we will also have to deal with Creatures inspired by the myths of Lovecraft. The basic mechanics are of the survival type, and the collection of materials, crafting and creating a base camp will go along with the fights with the monstrous creatures.

Also, when Ash rests, he will have special dreams in which he faces his inner voice thus learning new information about the world around him and about history. Each of these sequences will then be revised through the Dream Gallery, so you do not miss any connection.

Together with the announcement of the launch date, the publisher has released a new set of images of the game: The following are found.