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Red Dead Online introduces style mode "capture the flag" spoils of war

Rockstar continues with the updates of Red Dead Online, the multiplayer compartment of Red Dead Redemption 2 which is currently still in the beta phase, expanding and improving the series of Showdown with the introduction of spoils of War, mode-style "capture the flag".

spoils of War, includes 2 to 16 players competing in teams to defend their stocks and steal those of the enemies. Each team must steal the loot from the opponents base and bring it back to its own while defending its stocks. Wins the team that manages to grab more loot by the end of the game.

This week also the players will receive 20% more PE on all modes of reckoning and, by winning a spoils game of war, they'll be rewarded with 8 explosive arrows that can be withdrawn from an office Or the safety deposit box of the camp.

Finally, Wheeler's catalogue, Rawson & Co will be updated regularly with each new arrival: As of today, retailers receive loads of rare clothing that will only be available for a limited period. This week, players will renew their wardrobe with two new outfits and various accessories:

  • The Tasman dress (men only)
  • The Danube dress (women only)
  • Trousers with strings
  • Skirt with raised hem (women only)
  • Winter Tube Overcoat
  • Hat with Gardenias
  • Armadillo Tube