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The charming platformer Degrees of Separation is shown in a long gameplay commented

Modus Games and they released today a new and long Moondrop tube of Degrees of Separation in which developers would demonstrate, with subtitles in Italian, the characteristics of this interesting title that revolves around a moving story fantasy about relationships and the attraction of opposites.

Playable in both single and co-op locally and online, Degrees of Separation tells the story of a boy and a girl from two different worlds and whose lives are intertwined. Ember and rhymes, related respectively to the forces of heat and cold, they begin an intense journey where as soon as you meet are divided by the difference between their worlds, and who will lead them together (and separately) on a journey to bridge the gap between them.

Prevented from touching each other due to differences in elemental affinity, Ember and rhymes explore the potential of two opposing forces. Each level in Degrees of Separation represents a different phase of the couple's relationship, therefore offering a new mastery of the two protagonists to mechanics in order to move forward. Ember and rhymes use elemental skills to solve puzzles as you traverse a variety and unique worlds.

Degrees of Separation is expected on February 14 at the price of €19.99; We leave you now to your movie, enjoy!

MX Video - Degrees of Separation