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Mike Ybarra: new titles for the Xbox Game Pass in January will be extraordinary

Since it started last year l ' Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service called the Netflix of videogames, the catalog of titles has been enriched considerably by allowing home console Microsoft holders of take advantage of the most diverse games that over time have added exponentially.

In particular, December has been a month very profitable because it saw the entrance of games like the intense Hellblade: Queen's Sacrifice and the striking Golds and the Blind Forest , but also multiplatform titles like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden that was added in the Xbox Game Pass to launch.

Based on this premise, the head of Xbox development Mike Ybarra , anticipated on Twitter that new titles will be added to the Xbox Game Pass in January will be extraordinary as those of December.

Considering that the month of December has been very beneficial to service subscribers, we do not know what to expect for next month; We just have to wait for news and details that will drive you back promptly.

We remind you that Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that costs 9.99 Euros a month, allows you to play freely and without restrictions to all titles included in the service, with new games added every month. To l when new members can buy one month subscription to 1 Euro until 3 January.