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A set of beautiful images from the middle ages to A Plague That: Innocence

Focus Home Interactive has released a new set of images of adventure Such A Plague: Innocence that show the variety and beauty of the medieval world carefully recreated by the team of Adobo Studio: the environments in fact range from castles and medieval villages, catacombs, until you get to desolate battlefields and verdant forests, each with a unique look and feel.

The images include a look at the protagonists Amicia and his younger brother Hugo which in the course of the adventure will have to escape the Inquisition and avoid even the hordes of rats using fire and light.

A Plague That: Innocence is set in France of 1349 devastated by a violent plague created by hordes of rats used as a means of dissemination and with gameplay that combines adventure, action and stealth, supported by a charming and touching story.

We leave you with beautiful images and remember, that A Plague That: Innocence will be available on Xbox One over 2019: enjoy!