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The Game Awards 2018: here's when and where to follow him

In less than two days, on the night of 6 and 7 December at 02:30 , will take place on The Game Awards 2018 , the videogame event during which, besides being awarded to the best games of the year, will see also many surprises and novelties (you speaks out about 10 new ads).

As always, the event will provide an opportunity for the announcement of new games or the revelation of previously announced titles: see for example a new trailer of Anthem , and the ads are planned new Dragon Age , Alien: Blackout , the new RPG Obsidian Entertainment's The Outer Worlds , Borderlands 3 and the Avengers Project by Square Enix, in addition to several surprises.

We at We bring you mondoxbox all videos and news to make Friday morning to find all updates from the event, but if you want to stay awake you can follow it live from Youtube , Mixer or Twitch ; good vision at all those of you who follow him!