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Bandai Namco and Dontnod lead us in the psychological thriller Twin Mirror

With a view to the E3 Bandai Namco announced the development by the French Dontnod Entertainment ( Life is Strange , Vampyr ) of Twin Mirror , adventure genre fiction psychological thriller that in 2019 we will offer " a narrative Moldable, and led by player ". The protagonist is a tormented hero that is balanced between the harsh reality, the dark secrets of Basswood, in West Virginia, and his personal struggle.

In Twin Mirror dress up as Samuel, an investigative journalist for 33 years who is desperate to leave behind a bitter separation and who are returning home for the funeral of an old friend. When Sam wakes up one morning in his hotel with his shirt stained with blood and no memory of what happened the night before, begins an exciting investigation to uncover the truth, with the only weapon his mind.

Twin Mirror offers the opportunity to immerse themselves in memories suffered by Samuel for shaping the investigation personally and only through a series of difficult and painful choices, each of which will allow Sam and players to get closer to discover the truth and to find their place in the world.

We leave you to the announce trailer and at first, striking images of the game: enjoy!

MX Video - Twin Mirror