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Irrational Games is reborn as a Ghost Story, is at work on a new game

It's been 3 years since we had informed of the fact that Irrational Games, the study author BioShock series, had closed its doors. What they have done throughout this time Ken Levine & Associates? Today we find that were at work on creating a new studio, Ghost Story Games .

The study is again captained by Ken Levine, and includes many veterans from Irrational; the team aims to create immersive games and strongly based on the story. And while the boys believe their titles will have a strong appeal against fans of the series BioShock, they also want to create experiences that, in addition to having good stories, are very challenging even in terms of gameplay.

Ghost Story Games is currently working on their first title, for which are not yet ready to release the details, nor did he know if they've acquired from any publisher. It's likely that we'll know more before E3.