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The charming adventure Seasons After Fall arrives on consoles in 2017

William David, game designer at Swing Swing Submarine, announced today that Seasons After Fall , an adventure full of puzzles, will arrive on Xbox One in 2017! In Seasons After Fall you play the role of a Fox in the throes of a dangerous journey in the ancient Forest of ancestors. Explore magical hand-painted environments in a mysterious world and dominated by nature!

Actions in the game drastically affect their surroundings. Thanks to your inner strength, you can alter the seasons you wish to proceed with the mission.

Taking advantage of the seasons best suited or alternation, you will overcome obstacles on your way. Water levels are rising in the spring, vines grow during the summer, the mushrooms sprouting through the autumn and winter the falls freeze over.

In addition to this magical atmosphere, your adventure will be accompanied by interesting music by a Quartet. The soundtrack was written specifically for Seasons After Fall !

The title has already been welcomed by critics and players on PC. We leave you with two images released on the occasion of the announcement: enjoy!