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Remedy: Alan Wake's Return is not a new game but for videos in Quantum Break

If you were hoping that the registration by Remedy of the title Alan Wake's Return " , of which we spoke days ago, was on a new game, the developers themselves reveal today the mystery breaking such hopes.

Sam Lake has revealed to the American site Kotaku that the brand is related to a series of live video playable in-game in the world of Quantum Break and they see the recitation of Lake itself: one of these was also discovered and described by a reporter who tried the game. In short, a bit like the video series "Night Springs contained within Alan Wake.

But that doesn't mean that we won't see a new Alan Wake, indeed: in an interview with the Daily Star, Thomas Puha Remedy explained that these videos and other easter egg dedicated to Alan Wake we find in the new game are intended to keep alive the interest of the players in the series, and that we should see it as " a sign of things to come ".

So keep hope alive: the possibility of an Alan Wake after Quantum Break there yet!