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Rumor: Forza Horizon 3 will be announced in a few days during the Geneva Motor Show

According to a source very close to Turn 10 , during the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled for March 3 to 13, will announced the new Horizon Force 3. In support of the above, the source stated that a new Porsche will be announced along with the game.

Though apparently it seems fair to assume that the new Porsche is part of the new DLC Forza Motorsport Porsche Expansion of 6, which we talked about in our previous news , we cannot exclude the above instead from the source in question, that the car would be revealed with the announcement of the new installment of the series Forza Horizon.

The only thing certain is that the rumor is in addition to the words that were released recently by the Creative Director at Turn 10 , of which we had already spoken , which invited fans to prick up their antennas are going to get new and interesting information about the franchise (which includes both the Motorsport series that Horizon).

We therefore have to wait a little longer waiting for developments that will pick up the story; stay tuned!