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Visions of Mana comes out at the end of August and shows itself in a new trailer

Square Enix announced today that the new JRPG Visions of Mana will arrive on our consoles on August 29, accompanying the announcement with a new trailer that reveals new playable characters and some of the game's mechanics.

Visions of Mana is the new main chapter in the Mana series, and tells the never-before-seen story of Val, who has just been named Soul Guard, and is tasked with accompanying Hinna, her childhood friend and new Alm, to the Tree of Mana. The new trailer features the characters of Palamena and Julei, who Val and Hinna befriend as they explore the world before reaching the Tree of Mana. In the fights of Visions of Mana we will be able to create our own custom group, made up of three characters among the five playable ones (Val, Careena, Morley, Palamena and Julei), and count on the support of the secondary characters Ramcoh, Aesh and Hinna.

The new trailer details some of the new gameplay mechanics, such as the Elemental Vessels: mystical artifacts with the power of the elements. We will be able to use them to change classes and gain new skills during the fights. Since each character has a specific class for each Elemental Vessel, we will be able to customize the group as we want to have fun with a flexible and fast fighting style. Visions of Mana also sees the return of a classic element of the series: the Ring Menu, which allows you to pause fights and think about your next move. This colorful world will also include elemental devices that will unlock new places to explore and allow us to find hidden objects around the map. In addition, we will also be able to sail the seas and fly above the clouds with our travel companions Vuscav and Flammie. By invoking these faithful companions it will be very easy to cross the sea and all the rest of the world.

We leave you with the video: enjoy!

MX Video - Visions of Mana