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Monster Hunter Wilds: a trailer dedicated to characters, story and gameplay

Capcom has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds, a new action-RPG expected during 2025; The footage, consisting of a mix of cut-scenes and gameplay sequences, shows us the beautiful landscapes of the game with the monsters that populate them, as well as fragments of history and some of the characters.

Here's an official description of the game, followed by the new trailer and a set of new screenshots. Enjoy!

In Monster Hunter Wilds, players join the ranks of a special team of the Research Commission investigating the Forbidden Lands. For the first time in the Monster Hunterâ„¢ series, hunters venture into the unknown alongside their companions, including Guild-appointed leader Alma, their companion Felyne, and a mysterious child. Monster Hunter Wilds features multidimensional biomes that can transform in unexpected ways. The first place to be revealed is the Windy Plains, a vast region that includes rugged deserts, twisted rock formations, and rolling grasslands teeming with life.

These immersive ecosystems are populated by wild animals that have adapted to their surroundings, including smaller monsters such as the Dalthydon, a herbivorous wyvern that migrates seasonally, and the Ceratonoth, which relies on males to protect the herd from raging storms with well-developed dorsal horns that act as lightning rods. Of course, large monsters also roam the Windy Plains, including the Doshaguma. Despite being massive and territorial, these fanged beasts are curiously spotted at times roaming the plains in aggressive herds. Meanwhile, the formidable amphibian Chatacabra takes advantage of its surroundings and sticky saliva to become an even stronger opponent, armouring its body with natural materials such as ore.

To help hunters meet the challenges that await them in Monster Hunter Wilds, the series' beloved gameplay has evolved with an arsenal of new features. Players will be able to transition from story sequences to gameplay seamlessly. To traverse the vast environments of this world, the game introduces the Seikret, a new type of mount. These agile creatures can guide their riders to destinations and allow hunters to perform actions on the go, such as sharpening weapons, gathering materials, and wielding the slingshot. Hunters can also switch to a secondary weapon with their Seikret, allowing hunting groups to adapt to changing conditions in the field without having to return to base.

All 14 iconic weapon types from the series return in Monster Hunter Wilds and have evolved to include new actions. Additionally, the game introduces new systems, such as Precision Mode, which gives hunters more precise control over aiming, guarding, and attacking monsters' weak points. The new Hooked Slingshot gives hunters additional abilities, including contextual actions and the ability to pick up items from a distance, even when mounted on the Seikret.

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