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Warhorse Announces Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, Coming This Year

Czech developer Warhorse Studios today announced Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, a sequel to the critically acclaimed medieval RPG that will see us return to 15th-century Bohemia as Henry, the brave son of a blacksmith caught up in a tumultuous tale of revenge, betrayal, and self-discovery.

The game will offer us a meticulously crafted medieval landscape, from the humble confines of a blacksmith's forge to the grandeur of the royal courts, all while navigating the treacherous currents of a kingdom torn apart by civil war. In two new maps - twice the size of the previous game - players can explore the beautiful and diverse Bohemian Paradise (a real place that can still be visited in the Czech Republic) with the majestic Trosky Castle and the silver mining town, Kuttenberg.

With over five hours of immersive cutscenes narrating Henry's journey, players will be captivated by the drama unfolding at all times. Kingdom Come: Deliverance II's combat system has been revamped to make it more accessible, while staying true to its nature - a representation of true medieval martial arts - from elegant swordplay to deadly ranged attacks with the newly added crossbows to fledgling gunpowder weapons.

The game, due out later this year, is also a true RPG experience, where you can take different approaches to missions, evolve Henry in any way you see fit, and immerse yourself in a responsive and vibrant world.

We leave you with the announcement trailer and a set of images: enjoy!

MX Video - Kingdom Come: Deliverance II