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MotoGP 24: Milestone announces the Riders' Market

With less than a month to go until the game's launch, Milestone announced today that the new MotoGP 24 motorcycle racer will introduce the Riders' Market for the first time.

In addition to improving the immersion and dynamism of the title's main mode, this feature will increase its longevity and replayability, as players will see roster updates in each season of the game, thus finding new challenges and exciting scenarios to experience each year. The possibilities are endless, as both the AI and the players may be offered to switch teams as the seasons go by.

Just like in real life, previous performance will determine the type of offer you receive. Failure to meet the current team's goals could jeopardize the place for next season, forcing players to accept offers from smaller teams. On the contrary, great performances will be rewarded with first-class contracts from the top teams. It must be considered that the behavior of the players on and off the track will greatly influence these dynamics. Rivalries with other riders, as well as likes and replies on the fictitious social network, will in fact fuel rumors about possible transfers.

We leave you with a trailer that introduces us to this new feature, reminding you that the game is expected for May 2.

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