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Grand Theft Auto VI: Trailer Arrives Prematurely, Vice City Confirms and 2025 Release

Here's a surprise we didn't expect: due to a leak on Twitter, Rockstar has made the decision to release the announcement trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI ahead of time, and we can therefore already admire it in all its glory!

The footage confirms the setting of Vice City, the fictional city inspired by Miami that we had already been able to visit in 2002 as Tommy Vercetti, and reveals the game's release for 2025. The two protagonists of the game are also confirmed, which a previous rumor had revealed as the pair of criminals Jason and Lucia, moreover the first female protagonist of a GTA.

But what's more interesting is what the trailer shows us: a very lively city, with scenes that seem to come out of a TV series or a TV newscast, with incredible character animations and an unprecedented global dynamism. It's just a trailer and we'll have to see what the final game will be like, but that's enough to start the hype! Here it is.

MX Video - Grand Theft Auto VI