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The survival horror Ad Infinitum slips to September and abandons the old gen consoles

Nacon today released a demonstration of the gameplay of first-person survival horror war Ad Infinitum, revealing that it will no longer arrive on April 20 as previously announced, but in September, on a date to be defined.

The movie, in addition to showing us the gameplay of the title, also reveals the abandonment of the old gen consoles: at the end of the video only the new generation consoles are listed.

Here is the official information about the game and the new trailer.

Ad Infinitum is a first-person survival horror game that focuses on atmosphere and story. Experience the Great War from the point of view of a German soldier. In this surreal nightmare of war, you will have to overcome pain, despair and corruption as you fight for your life and your sanity. Can you escape the horrors of war?

Main features:

  • World War I-themed horror game
  • State-of-the-art images and audio presentation
  • Challenging puzzles inserted in the historical setting
  • Historically accurate equipment and environments
  • Stealth interaction with different horrible creatures
  • Gripping plot about a family's tragedy
  • Game world that changes dynamically based on player decisions
MX Video - Ad Infinitum