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MondoXbox on Twitch: here is the program of the week

Here we are at the beginning of a new week, the right time to take a look at the appointments of the next seven days on the MondoXbox Twitch channel, which will still reserve us interesting chats, new games to discover and lots of fun together with our team of streamers!

Here are the appointments and hosts that will keep you company during this week:

  • Monday 21:00 - Full Game Pass with Nest Egg
  • Tuesday 19:30 – Diablo IV – Developer Update live commentary with ThorX360 and nest egg
  • Tuesday 21:30 - Soul Hackers 2 with Prophet_Vader
  • Wednesday 21:00 – MS Flight Simulator – World Update 12 with Sonakin
  • Thursday 15:45 – Dead Island 2 – Extended Gameplay live commentary with nest egg
  • Thursday 21:00 - Age of Empires IV with Sonakin
  • Friday 21:00 - Wo Long: Fallen Dinasty with ThorX360
  • Sunday 10:00 - Xbox & Coffee with Nest Egg

We wish you a good week and, as always, if you like come and visit us on Twitch!