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Forza Motorsport: All the information from Forza Monthly

Yesterday the usual direct Forza Monthly of Turn 10 took place, this time focused on the new Forza Motorsport after the presentation of the Developer_Direct of the 25th; the live stream did not include unreleased video material, but it was still interesting because creative director Chris Esaki talked about some of the new features and features of the game.

Here is a practical list in points of all the news that emerged during the live:

  • The game will offer us about 500 cars, all redesigned to make the most of the new technologies and the rendering engine of the new game, such as support for real-time Ray-Tracing reflections during races .
  • A new model of damage to cars has been implemented
  • The game will launch with more race cars than previous episodes, as requested by the community. These will include a Cadillac and a Ginetta G60-LT-P1 prototype from the LMP1 category of Le Mans Prototypes.
  • The game will launch with 20 different environments, and the circuits have been designed for different types of races. Among them will be Kyalami in South Africa, Mapple Valley and Laguna Seca
  • There will be historical versions of some circuits, such as Laguna Seca
  • One of the new circuits is Hakone in Japan, designed for high-speed racing and ideal for overtaking challenges.
  • The suspension model has been completely redesigned
  • The artificial intelligence of the opponents has been redesigned, with a fast AI that does not need boosts or "tricks" to rival the players; the new AI manages to be as fast as the best players
  • The tyre model has been completely redesigned for greater fidelity in the gaming experience and the possibility of using different compounds
  • Weight model now includes fuel and also supports weight adjustment
  • The braking system has been completely redesigned
  • More information about career, multiplayer, track list and more will be shared in the coming weeks.

We are waiting for more information and, above all, the release date of the game. Stay tuned!