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A gameplay trailer for the anime-flavored adventure Loop8: Summer of Gods

Marvelous has released a new trailer that illustrates the gameplay of Loop8: Summer of Gods, an adventure/RPG based on time travel coming in spring 2023.

Here are some details about the title and the new video.

Loop8: Summer of Gods is a narrative role-playing game that travels through time and uses an artificial intelligence system based on emotions, in which the player's decisions and interactions with other characters have an impact on their emotions and the development of their stories. These interactions can also affect the behavior of allies during combat, creating a unique experience for players, as their decisions can change the outcome of the battle. With the power to travel back in time, players can correct mistakes or chart a new path to explore the myriad possibilities of an August that never ends.

Loop8: Summer of Gods is a coming-of-age adventure that follows protagonist Nini and his classmates as they try to defeat the Kegai, demonic entities that have forced humanity to the brink of extinction. Raised on a failed space station known as "Hope", Nini returns to Earth to spend the summer in Ashihara, one of humanity's last remaining shrines. Equipped with "Demon View", Nini can use his special connection with the gods to reset the world, and each cycle allows him and his allies to relive the eighth month over and over again until they can do it right... or the Kegai will completely overwhelm them.

MX Video - Loop8: Summer of Gods