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A new Wild Hearts video dedicated to Karakuri constructs

EA and Koei Tecmo have released a new gameplay footage of Wild Hearts, the new hunter-like title coming in February. The video focuses on one of the characteristics that will distinguish the title from others of the same genre: the Karakuri, constructs that we can use as tools of defense, attack and even to move around the vast map.

Karakuri are sophisticated mechanisms made with an ancient lost technology; Designed to be diverse and multifunctional, they give players the edge in battle, as well as in gathering resources and traveling through hunting territories.

The video shows how the Karakuri give players a creative and dynamic advantage during combat: by learning new shapes and combinations, players can better prepare their hunting grounds and create advantageous conditions to fight against the giant Kemono beasts. Thanks to the persistent nature of the Karakuri, players who fall in battle or receive help from allies can continue to use their past hunting experience to prepare new traps and ways of traveling with greater efficiency and strategy. Crafting changes the way players think about hunting: they will have to learn to adapt to the new complexity, unlocking different combinations of Karakuri and collaborating with allies to create even stronger Karakuri systems.

We leave you to the trailer below, reminding you that the game will arrive on February 17 on Xbox Series X|S, complete with Italian dubbing. Enjoy!

MX Video - Wild Hearts