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TDU Solar Crown abandons the old gen and postpones to 2023; revealed clans and public areas

Nacon announced today that KT Racing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's open world racer will no longer arrive as planned in September, but has been postponed to 2023 to allow the team to build a title that lives up to expectations. The developers have also abandoned the development for old gen consoles focusing only on new platforms, so as to be able to push the title to the maximum.

The French studio has also taken the opportunity to reveal the two clans that will face each other in the game, among the streets of a Hong Kong reproduced in detail with its 550 km of roads: the Streets, more urban and undergroun, and the Sharp, more elitist and fashionable.

Each of these will have a headquarters - an industrial complex converted into a disco on one side and a luxurious penthouse on the other - that we can visit and that will serve as a public area in which to meet the other players. In the game we can decide whether to affiliate with one or the other clan, and we can consequently enter the VIP area of the headquarters of our clan to receive missions to be carried out. Here are the images of the two HQs.