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Announced Forever Skies, new post-apocalyptic survival from Poland

The Polish studio Far From Home, composed of developers who have worked on titles such as Outriders and Dying Light, has announced the survival game Forever Skies, which will see us act in a devastated world by creating and managing a sort of airship with which we can move between ruined buildings, looting them and obtaining new materials.

The game is in development for Xbox Series X|S and for now the release date is not known. Below you will find the official information, the announcement trailer and some images.

Forever Skies is a first-person survival game. Return to Earth destroyed by an ecological disaster, fly with a hi-tech spaceship, expand it, rebuild it and repair it. Recover resources, survive, face dangers on the surface and process a virus to cure a mysterious disease.

You will build and customize a hi-tech spaceship. It will be your home, your workshop, your laboratory and much more, as you fly above the surface of the Earth. Control it and guide it to the remnants of our civilization and mysterious anomalies. Manage the hull of your spaceship and its integrity. Extract and collect resources to improve the spaceship and make it unique.

Your skill and scientific knowledge will allow you to build and use different machines. Analyze lost objects and replicate technologies. Develop new ways to get food and resources, discover new tools, and increase your chances of survival.

Explore and extract resources from the ruins of structures that were built at altitude to escape the dust. Collect drifting debris from a strange anomaly to make raw materials to survive on. Explore what remains of our civilization. Find out what happened and why on Earth we are no longer at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Discover the secrets of our past.

After descending under the dust, you will discover a strange whole new world: the surface of the planet has changed in our absence. Face advanced fauna and flora and search for viral pathogens to cure the mysterious disease that threatens your family

Forever Skies is an action survival game set on Earth devastated by a global ecological disaster. This event coated the surface of the planet with a colossal layer of toxic dust. Return to our planet hundreds of years later: will it still be the world it once was?

MX Video - Forever Skies