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GRID Legends arrives at the end of February, gameplay revelation

EA and Codemasters today announced that the new racing game GRID Legends will arrive on February 25 with an intense Career with over 250 events, the Story mode titled 'Driven to Glory', the return of Drift and Elimination and the introduction of Electric Boost racing.

GRID Legends offers more gameplay choices than any previous GRID title, including the return of community-requested Drift mode and fan-favorite mode, Elimination, which puts pressure on players back in the race, with drivers being eliminated periodically, until there's only one left. The new Race Creator allows players to host their dream multi-class match-ups, putting together different types of vehicles to create unique race moments. The experience can be further customized by changing the weather, the time of day, or adding ramps and boost gates, so as to make no race the same as the other.

'Driven to Glory' is a gritty motorsport story that throws players into the fray as teams battle it out for the GRID World Series. Created using virtual production technology and starring award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa, Driven to Glory comes to life using real actors instead of motion-capture, blending cinematic sequences with running challenges. After the end of the story, progress transfers to career steps, unlocking a new set of events to complete.

GRID Legends boasts an improved multiplayer system that puts racing and connecting with friends at the heart of the experience. Not only does it support cross-platform gameplay, but it updates players on when their friends are online and allows them to start races by pressing three hotkeys. No more waiting for requests from friends and lobbies; select a race and the action starts almost simultaneously.

The developers have also revealed the gameplay of the game through a long movie that shows cars of different classes and multiple tracks: here it is below.

MX Video - GRID Legends