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A new trailer for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 welcomes us to Kuamar

The Polish studio CI Games has released a new trailer dedicated to Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 showing us the setting of the game: Kuamar is located in the Middle East where a brutal dictatorship, led by President Omar Al-Bakr and his wife, Bibi Rashida, has controlled the region for over 20 years.

Players will assume the role of Raven in an attempt to overthrow this insidious criminal organization and bring these two dangerous characters to justice.

Kuamar will offer players a variety of settings that encourage combat from afar so beloved by snipers. We leave you at the trailer reminding us that the title will be available in stores on June 24th.

MX Video - Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2