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All-Italian pirate action-RPG King of Seas arrives on May 25

Team17 announced today that the new game of the Milanese 3DClouds, King of Seas,will arrive on our consoles on May 25th. King of Seas is an action-RPG set in a procedural pirate world, full of characters and missions that we will have to conduct with our sailing ship.

Here's all the official title information.

Cannonfire echoes on the seven seas. On the horizon the sun rises illuminating a new era of pirates. Drop your moorings, unfold the sails, and launch into the heart of the storm shaping your empire. Your father's murder will not be forgiven."

King of Seas is an action role-playing game set in a procedural pirate world. You'll have to fight to regain what's taken from a fierce plot: an epic adventure awaits you in a fantasy world, dotted with fighting, remote islands, and treasures. A universe full of mind-blowing characters and breathtaking missions that will keep you anchored as you struggle to become the king of all pirates.


  • Story: A series of quests that will guide you to discover the bizarre characters of our world, with fun dialogues ready to guide you on an epic adventure.
  • Procedural Generation :Dive into a lush, procedurally generated world to refresh your exploration mechanics with each new game.
  • Dynamic world:The world reacts in a lively way to your actions, the naval routes change and with each settlement conquered the difficulty adapts to always give you a hard time.
  • Map: A thick fog will prevent you from going safely towards the targets, you will not want to lose the taste of exploration!?
  • Navigation System: Atmospheric effects affect gameplay. Navigate the storm at your peril, escape enemies, and always remember to keep the wind in check during combat. The strategy starts here.
  • Ship customization : Fivetypes of ships highly customizable through an equipment and skill system. As in any true role-playing game that respects itself!
  • Combat System: Not only cannonfire and strategy but also speed and spectacularity, thanks to a set of over 20 skills to choose from and three branches of talent to adhere to any style of play.


  • Side quests: Extra rewards await you upon completion of these special missions, each settlement will be a source of new adventures!
  • Treasure Hunt :Secret maps are hidden in deep depths, find them and go in search of sunken treasures!
  • Free market:Each settlement produces specific products with its own market value. Buy them at the lowest price and sell them where resources are scarce, this is the basis of trade!
  • Fishing: As many as 30 varieties of ocean fish swim below the surface. Try to catch them all but be careful about the time of day and weather conditions...
  • Leaderboard: Each successful fight will raise the bounty on your head, compare it to that of the most famous pirates in history, become the King of Seas!
  • Multiple difficulty: The difficulty level adds a substantial multiplier to the size you get in-game, how long can you resist in hardcore mode?