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Wired Productions announces Lemmings-like Tin Hearts

Wired Productions today announced Tin Hearts,the title of the independent studio Rogue Sun (made up of some of the creators of Fable)which offers us a Lemmings-inspired gameplay puzzle in which we have to lead a row of lead soldiers through a 3D environment full of pitfalls, as we move pieces and use their skills to bring them unscathed to the point of arrival.

We leave you below to the official description of the game, the launch trailer and some images.

Behind every brilliant invention lies an incredible story. From the creators of the acclaimed Fable series comes Tin Hearts,an immersive puzzle game that tells a story of love and compromise.

Let yourself be taken in by an extraordinary narrative that covers different generations and sizes. Lead a troop of spiteful tin soldiers into a world that overflows with beauty, magic, and mystery using a series of extravagant and imaginative marching to jump, shoot, and glide toward the target.

March through more than 40 levels where you'll bend the time, solve puzzles on the path for soldiers to take, and build new ways to target your toys. Overcome increasingly compelling puzzles to unravel the exciting story of Albert Butterworth, a brilliant inventor of the Victorian age.


Lead teams of tin soldiers through a magical world teeming with toys in this beautiful puzzle game that tells a touching story. Will you lead your soldiers or will they lead you?


Cross the threshold of a universe full of magic and beauty to feel like a child in a toy store. Immerse yourself in the warm and peaceful world of Tin Hearts, take plenty of time to solve the puzzles, and enjoy the game's memorable soundtrack.


Unlock powers to control items around the world, from bricks to drums. You will start from modest beginnings to soon become master of this wonderful universe. Connect items in interesting ways and build routes to the exit for your fearless tin soldiers to travel!


What place is this, and who are the people you see from time to time? Embark on an adventure masterfully woven into the universe of this puzzle game. Clues are everywhere, look for them during your trip. As a reward, you will experience an epic and human tale that will also resurpass outside the game world.

MX Video - Tin Hearts